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100Base-LX SFP f/ FE port

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Cisco GLC-FE-100LX= 100Base-LX SFP f/ FE port

100Base-LX SFP f/ FE port

-Hot-swappable when deployed, the switch or router does not have to reboot.
-Supports the "pay-as-you-populate" model.
-Interchangeable with other 100BASE-X SFPs on the same line card.
-Supports the Cisco quality ID feature that enables the switch or router to identify whether or not the SFP is a Cisco qualified SFP.
-Optically interoperable with respective 100BASE-X Ethernet interfaces on the same link.

The Cisco 100BASE-LX10 SFP part number GLC-FE-100LX operates on ordinary single-mode fiber-optic SMF link spans up to 10 kilometers long.

Feature list

Maximum operating distance: 10000 m
Wavelength: 1310 nm
Fiber type: SMF
Power budget: -28 - -8 dB

100Base-LX SFP f/ FE port


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