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Agfeo EIB-Modul 522 (6100468)

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Agfeo 6100468 Agfeo EIB-Modul 522 (6100468)

AGFEO Home Automation EIB-Module 522
Home Automation KNX/EIB is a standard used for Home Automation.
Due to the standardisation of the control network and the creation of a uniform protocol plus the wide range of offered actuators and
sensors any thinkable applications in the home automation is by now possible.
Controlling and Monitoring with the Telephone System
The AGFEO Telephone Systems AS 43, AS 45 and AS 200 IT, if fitted with an EIB-Module 522, are the first telephone systems on the market
with an optional EIB connection. The EIB-Module 522 will enable any connected telephone to the telephone system, either corded or cordless, to be used in an EIB installation.
System Phones are particularly suited for this type of installation as they have a clear layout and are easy to use in the controlling and visualisation
within an EIB system. Functionality of the Telephone System within EIB. The AGFEO Telephone System with an EIB-Module 522 is complementing or replacing the
following functional units within an EIB system:
-Buttons/Sensor for example for Roller Shutters
-Light Switches
-Scene Administration
-Remote Control Functions
-Time Server

The EIB-Module 522
can administrate 32 objects, which can be linked to 32 scenes containing 8 objects each.

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