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AirLancer Extender O-70

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Lancom Systems, 4044144604690
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Lancom Systems AE60469 AirLancer Extender O-70

AirLancer Extender O-70

- Wide angle antenna system for campus networking
- Up to 400m range in point-to-multipoint operation access point to client
- Up to 600m range in point-to-point operation access point to access point
- Includes 6 Meter cable and mounting material
- Weatherproof
- Incl. pictail cable for AirLancer MC-11/PCI-11 und LANCOM Wireless L-11/IL-11

Connectable SMA to:
- LANCOM 1511 Wireless DSL
- LANCOM 1521 Wireless ADSL
- LANCOM 1811 Wireless DSL
- LANCOM 1821 Wireless ADSL
- LANCOM L-54g Wireless
- LANCOM L-54ag Wireless
- LANCOM 3550 Wireless

The AirLancer Extender O-70 antenna set is particularly developed for applications in halls and on campus areas. By the wide angle of at least 70° and the antenna gain of 8.5 dBi the antenna is very suitable for the structure of pico-cell networks for the supply of client stations. The system consists of a complete package with antenna, 6 meters connection cables and mounting materials. It can be attached directly to any LANCOM Wireless access point.

Feature list

Antenna gain level max: 8.5 dBi
Maximum operating distance: 600 m
Cable length: 6 m

AirLancer Extender O-70


Lancom Systems
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