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AIT-2 Turbo 186m TAIT280C

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Sony, 0027242665637
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Sony TAIT280C AIT-2 Turbo 186m TAIT280C

AIT-2 Turbo 186m TAIT280C

SONY Data Turbo Cart TAIT2-80C
High storage capacity in a small and compact 8mm cartridge: capacity of 208GB compressed data (80GB native).
Fast data transfer using efficient Helical Scan technology of 12MB/sec sustained native transfer rate.
Features non-contact R-MIC (Remote Memory In Cassette) chip technology to simplify media management and accelerate access in library environments.
Cost effective solutions while keeping reliable AIT characteristics.
Proven reliability and durability with a 30 year media life thanks to AME technology (Advanced Metal Evaporated). Optimal environmental conditions : 23°C, 15-50% humidity rate.
AME II Technology delivers 100% pure evaporated cobalt deposited directly on the base film for high magnetic flux density and coercivity.
AIT Turbo Media can only be used with an AIT Turbo drive. Current AIT drives can't read nor write the new AIT TURBO media line-up (T-AIT). New AIT Turbo drives can read and write current AIT media line-up (AIT & T-AIT)
Cleaning Tape: SDX1-CL
Environmental conditions
Operating relative humidity range 20 - 80 %
Operating temperature range (T-T) 5 - 45 °C
Storage relative humidity range 20 - 60 %
Weight & dimensions
Tape size 8 mm
Tape length 186 m
Dimensions W x D x H 103 x 68 x 20 mm
Weight 74 g
Technical details
Compressed capacity 208 GB
Tape thickness 6.6 µm
Total storage capacity 80 GB

AIT-2 Turbo 186m TAIT280C


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