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Armor FILM TT CIRE-170/450-1/OUT (T13957ZA)

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2 χρόνια
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Armor T13957ZA Armor FILM TT CIRE-170/450-1/OUT (T13957ZA)

Armor FILM TT CIRE-170/450-1/OUT (T13957ZA)

The AWR/AWX wax range is an economical and quality identification solution dedicated to «flat head» technology: it stands apart thanks to multipurpose labels, and is particularly adapted to all vellums and coated paper medias.

This range is recognised as being exceptionnally sensitive and densely black. The quality of the backcoating gives excellent protection to the print head. Different versions are available to ensure optimum ink transfer at lowest energy. The AWX range is particularly remarkable for its good resistance to smudge.

Feature list

Ribbon size: 170 mm
Ribbon length: 450 m
Print technology: Thermal Transfer

Armor FILM TT CIRE-170/450-1/OUT (T13957ZA)


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