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Armor FILM TT CIRE/RESINE-110/450-1/ (T42492ZA)

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Armor T42492ZA Armor FILM TT CIRE/RESINE-110/450-1/ (T42492ZA)

Armor FILM TT CIRE/RESINE-110/450-1/ (T42492ZA)

The APR/APX wax-resin range is first and foremost appreciated for its high levels of performance and versatility for all types of applications. This range of ribbons gives the best results on coated and synthetic paper media PE, PP, PET….

It features a high level of mechanical strength, high capacity for printing barcodes at 90° and guaranteed sharp print quality. This range is recognised for the exceptional quality of its backcoating, which gives good protection to the print head.

Feature list

Ribbon size: 110 mm
Ribbon length: 450 m
Print technology: Thermal Transfer

Armor FILM TT CIRE/RESINE-110/450-1/ (T42492ZA)


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