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AS 200 IT ISDN Telephone 6100268

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Agfeo 6100268 AS 200 IT ISDN Telephone 6100268

AS 200 IT ISDN Telephone 6100268

Modular AS 200 IT Telephone System in a 19 inch rack version.
The AS 200 IT is supplied with five free module slots and five blanking plates as standard. Due to this the system can be individual configured with endless possibilities. The system itself can be expanded for up to 40 Extensions using the various AGFEO Modules. The maximum configuration can be for up to 80 Extensions if two AS 200 IT are interconnected. Only a standard patch lead is required to connect two AS 200 IT’s. Due to the modular design of the system you only need to purchase modules as required. Further modules may be added at a later date for further system expansion. Therefore you only purchase what you need. The configuration is carried out via TK Suite which operates independent of any platform on PC’s, MAC’s, Linux or UNIX Computers via the use of the Web Browser.

Audio Information System:
The built in AIS Module can be uploaded with your choice of music,
information – or advertising messages.

Door Phone:
A Door Phone can be connected via one of the analogue extensions.
You can speak to callers at the door and release the door lock at
the push of a button.

Internet Telephony i.e. Voice over IP:
Simple integration of Internet telephony adapters as supplied by
many providers. You are not bound by using a specific speech
transmission protocol, because who knows what the future might

Reduce Installation Cost:
In case the AS 200 IT is used to replace an older type system then
the existing wiring may be reused. Even if this has been initially
installed for use by analogue telephone extensions. It is possible
to connect the modern type of the AGFEO System Phones with
UP0 connection to the special AGFEO UP0 Digital Extension

-PC-Connection RS 232 C1
-USB Port1
-AIS-Module on Board1
-V-Packet on Board to connect 2nd AS 200 IT1
-TK-Suite Basic Software Package1
-Height: 3 U, Width: 19 inch
-Depth: 30 cm 12 inches
5 Expansion Slots for the following Modules:
-AL-Module 4504
-S0-Module 540
-T-Module 508
-K-Module 524
-K-Module 544
-UP0-Module 508
-LAN-Module 510
-EIB-Module 522
Optional Equipment
-Wireless Alarm Controller
-Wireless Alarm Controller/EIB
connected via RS 232 C

Feature list

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AS 200 IT ISDN Telephone 6100268


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