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ASSMANN DisplayPort Adapter, DisplayPort (M) 19 pin HDMI (F) 15cm double shielded ( DisplayPort 1.2 ) black

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Assmann/Digitus, 4016032289241
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2 χρόνια
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Assmann/Digitus AK-340400-001-S Assmann/Digitus DISPLAYPORT ADAPTER CABLE (AK-340400-001-S)

Assmann/Digitus DISPLAYPORT ADAPTER CABLE (AK-340400-001-S)

Less force on interface

DisplayPort adapter cable, DP - HDMI type A, M/F, 0.15m,w/interlock, DP 1.2 compatible, UL, CE, bl

This HD video and digital audio cable suits ideal to connect a Notebook or Computer with DP interface to a HDMI Monitor, Beamer, LCD/TFT Monitor, LED or Plasma TV with a HDMI cable, for example.

- Connector 1: DP, plug
- Connector 2: HDMI type A, jack
- DisplayPort standard: DisplayPort 1.2
- UL certified: UL20276
- Hoods: molded
- Shielding: double shielding
- AWG: 28
- Wire material: CU
- Surface: nickel-plated
- Interlock: Snap fastener
- Ferrite filter: none
- Color cable: black
- Color connector: black
- Length: 0.15 m
- Packaging: Polybag

Feature list

Connector 1: DisplayPort
Connector 2: HDMI
Connector contacts plating: Nickel
Cable length: 0.15 m
Gender type: male/female
Colour of product: Black

Assmann/Digitus DISPLAYPORT ADAPTER CABLE (AK-340400-001-S)


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