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Be quiet! Shadow Wings SW1 - Case fan - 92 mm

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be quiet BL052 Be quiet! Shadow Wings SW1 - Case fan - 92 mm

Be quiet! Shadow Wings SW1 - Case fan - 92 mm

Very quiet operation
Low-noise operation due to high-quality rifle bearing. The parallel arrangement of recesses on the outer side of the bearing shaft ensure uniform circulation of the high-quality oil and make the fan very quiet. Mechanical noise is minimized by antivibration fasteners and the rubberized fan frame. The high-quality IC motor controller reduces electrical noise sources.

Long service life
Reliable cooling for up to 200,000 hours thanks to the high-quality rifle bearing.

High air flow
The flow-optimized surface structure of the fan blades produce more air flow in combination with smooth running.

Simple assembly
Screwless installation makes handling simple.

3 year manufacturer guarantee.

Feature list

Type: cooler
Purpose: computer case
Fan diameter: 92 mm
Supported processor sockets: Unspecified
Maximum spin speed: 1800 RPM
Noise level: 16.9 dB
Maximum airflow: 32.6 cfm
Connectors: 3 pin
Power consumption typical: 2.04 W
Maximum current: 0.17 A
Voltage: 5 - 12 V
Colour of product: Black
Width: 92 mm
Depth: 25 mm
Height: 92 mm
Weight: 170 g
Certification: CE, WEEE, RU, Tüv

Be quiet! Shadow Wings SW1 - Case fan - 92 mm


be quiet
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