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Bugatti SlimFit phone case black leather For LG G2 mini

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Bugatti, 4042632085358
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2 χρόνια
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Bugatti 08535 Bugatti BUGATTI SLIMFIT (08535)

Precision work, hand-made in Europe: bugattis´ new model specific tightly-fitting mobile case called bugatti SlimFit encloses your Smartphone, thus underlining its individual form. Pleasantly soft leather and a soft microfiber lining effortlessly protect your sensitive device – ideal for the jacket or trouser pocket. The stripped-to-basics design surprises with its elegant detail, such as the visible leather patch with embossed logo behind the recess. With this simple and elegant case, you’ll cut a fine figure, both in your business and leisure time.

Feature list

Case type: Pull
Colour of product: Black
Material: Leather
Brand compatibility: LG
Compatibility: G2 mini
Protection features: Scratch resistant
Quantity: 1


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