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Canon LS-270H Pocket calculator 8digits solar panel, battery

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Canon, 4960999652153
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Canon 5932A016 Canon LS-270H CALCULATOR


The LS-270H handheld calculator was designed to fit your everyday calculating needs. With a large 8-digit liquid crystal display, dual power source and advanced calculating functions, enhanced by an attractive metallic satin finish, the LS-270H has a rich look at an affordable price.

Large Liquid Crystal Display
The LS-270H's large 8-digit liquid crystal display provides large calculator display size on a handheld unit. The large displayed numbers provide quicker viewing of entries and results to increase productivity while reducing errors.

Dual Power Capability
Solar and battery powered capability allows you to get the job done anytime and anywhere regardless of the lighting conditions. The sensitive solar cell generates the power, but when the lights dim, the alkaline battery automatically takes over the power functions to provide non-stop calculating.

Advanced Calculating Features
The LS-270H includes a variety of everyday business and professional functions that enable you to cut through the toughest calculating problems. Business calculations like percentages add-on/ discount, raising to powers, square root and tax calculations, as well as chain multiplication and division come in handy. The built-in memory also lets you add and subtract calculations from a running total stored in the memory.

Feature list

Type: -
Proper use: Portable/Handheld
Digits: 8
Display: LCD
Display character size: 13 x 3.7 mm
Display size HxV: 19.7 x 38.6 mm
Auto power off: Y
Battery type: LR1130
Power source: Battery/Solar
Memory registers: 1
Dimensions WxDxH: 61 x 10 x 102 mm
Weight: 37 g
Colour of product: Silver



Product Code:
EAN Code:

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