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Classic Pen Intuos4 Cintiq21UX

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Wacom, 4949268615372
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2 χρόνια
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Wacom KP-300E-01 Classic Pen Intuos4 Cintiq21UX

Classic Pen Intuos4 Cintiq21UX

- The Intuos4 Classic Pen has the same feature set as the standard Intuos4 Grip Pen but with a slimmer profile. With its optimum weight and balance it fits perfectly in your hand. Its unique design and pressure and tilt sensitivity make it the perfect freehand tool - for fatigue-free work over long periods.

- Its ergonomic waisted grip area is equipped with the Double Side Switch and the pressure sensitive Eraser.

- With Tool ID you can assign every Intuos4 Pen to each of your favourite brushes in supporting software just swap pens to switch between software brushes.
Energy management
Battery technology battery-free
Weight & dimensions
Dimensions W x D x H 150.7 x 12.2 x 15.9 mm
Weight 12 g
Technical details
Colour of product Black
Compatible products Intuos4

Classic Pen Intuos4 Cintiq21UX


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