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Datalogic ADC Mount Counter Standard (11-0027)

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Datalogic ADC, 5711045301216
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2 χρόνια
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Datalogic ADC 11-0027 Datalogic ADC Mount Counter Standard (11-0027)

Datalogic ADC Mount Counter Standard (11-0027)

Datalogic's Magellan 2300HS features OmegaTek™ Productivity Technology comprised of hardware and software innovations that significantly improve scanner performance by improving the first pass read rates on hard-to-read bar codes. The Magellan 2300HS offers best-in-class horizontal scanning performance and software for improving POS productivity. With these and other great features, plus a very economical price-point, the Magellan 2300HS is the choice for horizontal single-plane POS scanning.
Magellan® 2300HS Accessories - Counter Mount, STD.

Feature list

Colour of product: Aluminium
Mounting interface: STD

Datalogic ADC Mount Counter Standard (11-0027)


Datalogic ADC
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