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Dicota Secret Screen privacy filter for Apple iPhone 6 Plus

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DICOTA D31021 Dicota Secret Screen privacy filter for Apple iPhone 6 Plus

The Premium privacy screen protector not only prevents unwanted insights into your computer, but also protects the screen against scratches. Other product features include the high mechanical resistance and easy removability. The 4-way technology protects the screen from viewing on all four sides; left/right and top/bottom. At the same time, the touch functionality of the screen remains completely intact. A practical and effective method to ensure that only you can view your data. Ideal for use in hotels or on the bus, train or airplane.

Feature list

Brand compatibility: Apple
Device type: Mobile phone/Smartphone
Scratch resistant: Y
Material: Polyethylene terephthalate PET
Compatibility: iPhone 6 Plus
Display diagonal: 5.5 "
Weight: 10 g


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