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Epson DMD110BA Customer display cool white

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Epson, 8715946278544
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Epson A61B133EAWU DM-D110-102 + DP-110-102

DM-D110-102 + DP-110-102

The 2x20 character format dot-matrix panel gives the DM-D series ample power to convey your message. The wide viewing angle of the vacuum-fluorescent panel and the clear display, plus a tilt and swivel head that can be adjusted to any position make these displays supremely easy to read. In addition, the high-speed data transfer rate of up to 115200 bps enables speedy display of information while the built-in flash memory supports extensive fonts.

Feature list

Display number of lines: 2
Display digits: 40
Digit size: 5 x 7 dot
Display brightness: 690 cd/m²
Viewing angle: 48 °
Display illumination: Green
Mean time between failures MTBF: 20000 h
Standard interfaces: USB 2.0
Power consumption typical: 5 W
Width: 165 mm
Depth: 50.5 mm
Height: 69 mm
Weight: 670 g

DM-D110-102 + DP-110-102


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