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DYMO D1-TAPE NYLON 19MM X 3.5M (S0718050)

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Dymo S0718050 DYMO D1-TAPE NYLON 19MM X 3.5M (S0718050)

DYMO D1-TAPE NYLON 19MM X 3.5M (S0718050)

The combination of a permanent adhesive and a superior flexible nylon are the perfect solution for marking any curved surface.No more concerns about labels that pop off after a while. These labels remain firmly tightened around the cable.

For curved and/or heavily textured surfaces and flag marking cables, DYMO has produced a contour-hugging flexible nylon tape.

Compatible with LabelManager-, LabelPoint- and LabelWriter DUO-labelprinters and old DYMO labelprinters using D1 tapes.

Feature list

Tape size: 19 mm
Tape type: D1
Tape length: 3.5 m
Material: Nylon
Country of origin: Belgium
Quantity per pack: 1
Packaging type: Box
Packaging width: 29 mm
Packaging depth: 109 mm
Packaging height: 159 mm
Package weight: 50 g
Customs code: 8473408000
Package volume: 0.503 l
Quantity inner carton: 5 pcs
Width inner carton: 83 mm
Depth inner carton: 231 mm
Height inner carton: 113 mm
Net weight inner carton: 0.250 kg
Gross weight inner carton: 0.271 kg
Volume inner carton: 2.167 l
Quantity outer carton: 50 pcs
Width outer carton: 243 mm
Depth outer carton: 400 mm
Height outer carton: 248 mm
Net weight of outer carton: 2.550 kg
Gross weight of outer carton: 2.998 kg
Volume outer carton: 24.106 l

DYMO D1-TAPE NYLON 19MM X 3.5M (S0718050)


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