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DYMO LetraTAG Plastic tape, white Roll (1.2 cm x 4 m) (S0721660)

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Dymo, 5411313912211
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Dymo S0721660 DYMO LetraTAG Plastic tape, white Roll (1.2 cm x 4 m) (S0721660)

DYMO LetraTAG Plastic tape, white Roll (1.2 cm x 4 m) (S0721660)

These tapes are designed for your convenience for either LetraTag model. Use them to organize your basement, garage, kitchen or office in a variety of styles that adhere to a range of surfaces, in a rainbow of eye-catching colors.

These 12mm non-glossy tapes are easy to peel and cut, with quick-change cassettes for "on-the-fly" labelling. Think of LetraTAG paper tape as the economical solution for labelling almost anything, anywhere in your home.

Compatible with all LetraTag label makers.

Feature list

Tape size: 12 mm
Colour of product: Black, White
Tape length: 4 m
Material: Polyester
Country of origin: Belgium
Quantity per pack: 1
Packaging type: blister
Packaging width: 22 mm
Packaging depth: 96 mm
Packaging height: 146 mm
Package weight: 28 tbc g
Package volume: 0.3084 l
Quantity inner carton: 10 pcs
Width inner carton: 108 mm
Depth inner carton: 137 mm
Height inner carton: 161 mm
Net weight inner carton: 0.280 kg
Gross weight inner carton: 0.329 kg
Volume inner carton: 2.3822 l
Quantity outer carton: 50 pcs
Width outer carton: 165 mm
Depth outer carton: 535 mm
Height outer carton: 150 mm
Net weight outer carton: 1.400 kg
Gross weight outer carton: 1.625 kg
Volume outer carton: 13.2413 l
Customs code: 8473408000

DYMO LetraTAG Plastic tape, white Roll (1.2 cm x 4 m) (S0721660)


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