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Epson DMD210BA, Customer display

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Epson, 8715946135403
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Epson A61B134EAW Epson DMD210BA, Customer display

Epson DMD210BA, Customer display

The 2x20 character format dot-matrix panel gives the DM-D series ample power to convey your message. The wide viewing angle of the vacuum-fluorescent panel and the clear display, plus a tilt and swivel head that can be adjusted to any position make these displays supremely easy to read. In addition, the high-speed data transfer rate of up to 115200 bps enables speedy display of information while the built-in flash memory supports extensive fonts. Designed to comply with safety standards of countries around the globe, these displays can be used anywhere. They are easy to connect to the EPSON POS-printers and POS-systems. Both versions of size can be connected directly to your existing host terminal BA or to a TM-printer BB, BC, BD by using the pass-through functionality.

Feature list

Display number of lines: 2
Display digits: 40
Digit size: 5 x 7 dot
Display brightness: 700 cd/m²
Viewing angle: 36 °
Display illumination: Green
Colour of product: White
Mean time between failures MTBF: 20000 h
Standard interfaces: Serial
Power source type: AC
Power consumption typical: 10 W
Width: 260 mm
Depth: 60 mm
Height: 83 mm

Epson DMD210BA, Customer display


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