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Epson LQ-350 24-PIN (C11CC25001)

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Epson, 8715946521886
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Epson C11CC25001 Epson LQ-350 24-PIN (C11CC25001)

Epson LQ-350 24-PIN (C11CC25001)

A very economical printer to run, the LQ-350 helps save money with its high ribbon yield of 2.5 million characters and its low power consumption. Using just 1.3W in sleep mode and 23W when powered on, the LQ-350 is qualified by ENERGY STAR for its excellent energy efficiency. Easy to integrate, the LQ-350 has Parallel, Serial and USB interfaces as standard, and will fit neatly onto desks thanks to its compact design and cable management system.
High reliability - MTBF of 10,000 operating hours
Power-efficient - 1.3W on standby, 22W powered on
Economical - Ribbon yield of 2.5m characters
Easy integration - Parallel, Serial and USB interfaces
Compact design - Fits neatly onto desks

Feature list

Standard interfaces: Parallel
Internal RAM: 128 KB

Epson LQ-350 24-PIN (C11CC25001)


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