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Epson Premium Matte tickets Roll (10.2 cm x 50 m)

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Epson, 8715946527031
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Epson C33S045390 Epson MATTE TICKET - ROLL 102MM X 50 (C33S045390)

Epson MATTE TICKET - ROLL 102MM X 50 (C33S045390)

With a thickness of 127µm, it is ideal for use in ticketing and signage applications.

The smooth, bright white surface with a matte finish, in combination with Epson DURABrite Ultra pigment inks, ensures fast drying, scratch, water and heat resistant printouts.

Suggested applications
- Ticketing
- ID badge
- Shelf-tag
- Sign printing
- Product identification tag.

Feature list

Type finish: Matte
Maximum roll length: 50 m
Print media weight: 107 g/m²

Epson MATTE TICKET - ROLL 102MM X 50 (C33S045390)


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