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Epson TM P60II (521) Receipt printer thermal line Roll (6 cm) 203 dpi up to 100 mm / sec USB 2.0, Bluetooth battery

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Epson, 4054318721382
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2 χρόνια
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Epson C31CC79521 Epson TM-P60II (521) BONDRUCKER (C31CC79521)

Epson TM-P60II (521) BONDRUCKER (C31CC79521)

Unique, built-in intelligence, called Epson ePOS-Print, enables the TM-P60II to receive XML commands from web applications, and to print directly from popular web browsers. This makes integration and maintenance easy. To help serve customers quickly, the high-performance TM-P60II prints receipts at up to 100mm/sec. Drop-in paper loading ensures there are no delays. The TM-P60II is designed for maximum reliability, with a rugged case. Its battery lasts for up to 46 hours in Bluetooth mode, and up to four batteries can be charged simultaneously using the optional charging unit.
Convenience - Wireless, hand-held POS printing
High-performance - Prints receipts at up to 100mm/sec
Reliability - Compact and robust design
Epson ePOS-Print - XML command compatible
Easy integration - No drivers to install or update

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Weight: 0.63 kg

Epson TM-P60II (521) BONDRUCKER (C31CC79521)


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