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Fujitsu MICROSAVER DS SMALL (S26361-F1650-L900)

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Fujitsu, 4049699159213
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Fujitsu S26361-F1650-L900 Fujitsu MICROSAVER DS SMALL (S26361-F1650-L900)

The Fujitsu Kensington MicroSaver® DS Ultra-Thin notebook lock is the ultimate defense for even the thinnest notebooks. The patented T-bar locking mechanism along with an advanced carbon-tempered steel cable design provides excellent security. It also includes Kensington Master Access so you can manage an unlimited number of locks with a single master key.

Feature list

Lock type: Flat key
Cable length: 1.500 m
Cable diameter: 4 mm
Number of keys provided: 2
Cable lock security features: T-Bar
Connector type: Kensington
Colour of product: Black, Chrome
Material: Carbon
Dimensions WxDxH: 140 x 35 x 175 mm
Weight: 220 g


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