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Fujitsu MicroSaver Portable (S26391-F6045-L100)

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Fujitsu S26391-F6045-L100 Fujitsu MicroSaver Portable (S26391-F6045-L100)

Specifically designed for the mobile professional, PocketSaver combines premium notebook security with an easy to use design. A patented T-bar lock ensures superior locking strength to safely secure your notebook, while the slim yet strong retractable cable fits neatly into a compact, easy-to-carry case.

- Retractable, portable security cable
- Small compact lock designed for portable equipment and will not block other ports
- Patented T-bar lock ensures superior locking strength
- Strong, slim cable fits into compact, easy-to-carry case
- Attaches to built-in Kensington slot.

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Cable length: 1.2 m


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