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Headset, Jabra GN 2100 Micro-Boom 3-in-1, Headset USB

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Jabra, 5706991000603
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Jabra 2136-02-04 Headset, Jabra GN 2100 Micro-Boom 3-in-1, Headset USB

Headset, Jabra GN 2100 Micro-Boom 3-in-1, Headset USB

The Jabra GN2100 IP and Jabra GN2100 are part of our award-winning headset series for business and contact center professionals using traditional desk telephony. In fact, many users say that its excellent sound quality gives them the feeling they’re having a “face to face” conversation. Moreover, the headset’s sleek profile and lightweight, ergonomic design provide a unique combination of style and comfort.
The attractive 3-in-1 design of all our mono headsets lets users choose the most comfortable wearing style – our popular lightweight headband, the adjustable FlexLoop, or the SureFit earhook - or choose the brand new fourth option neckband. And mix-and-match accessories make it possible to choose between three different earplates and ear cushions making the Jabra GN2100 Series the most flexible headset solution in the market.

-Exclusive lightweight design with titanium-look headband.
-Optional true wideband reciever for enhanced sound quality.
-Choice of boom arms and microphones for optimum voice quality even in very noisy environments
-Wide range of accessories, plus sound in one or two ears for individual optimization.
-Ultra noise-cancelling microphone.
-QD or direct connect.
-Neckband available

Feature list

Headset type: monaural
Device connectivity: Wired
Acoustic system: semi-open
Weight: 40 g

Headset, Jabra GN 2100 Micro-Boom 3-in-1, Headset USB


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