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Hewlett Packard HP7+ SCREEN PROTECTOR (G8Y06AA)

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Hewlett Packard G8Y06AA Hewlett Packard HP7+ SCREEN PROTECTOR (G8Y06AA)

Hewlett Packard HP7+ SCREEN PROTECTOR (G8Y06AA)

Crystal clear and durable, the HP 7 Screen Protector is designed specifically for the 18 cm 7" diagonal display. Shield from everyday use - dust, smudges, streaks and touching by pens. Bonus: use the applicator kit for simple bubble-free application, while appreciating no residue upon removal. Ideal transparent protection.

Perfect fit

• Precisely cut specifically for the openings for the tablet camera and microphone.


• Work and play with confidence. Anti-scratch with no impact to screen brightness or touch sensitivity.

Simple to apply and remove

• Application is easy with no liquids or special solutions required. Removes simply with no sticky residue.

Protect your tablet inexpensively

• Keep scratches off your vital screen with a custom fit, affordable screen protector.

Hewlett Packard HP7+ SCREEN PROTECTOR (G8Y06AA)


Hewlett Packard
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