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HP - DAT - cleaning cartridge

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Hewlett Packard C5709A HP - DAT - cleaning cartridge

HP - DAT - cleaning cartridge

Since its introduction in 1989, Digital Data Storage (DDS) has repeatedly proven its
worth as the technology of choice in millions of installations around the world. In recognition of this fact, Hewlett-Packard is continuing to develop the core technology with the HP C7438A DAT 72 format drive, HP’s fifth generation of DDS drive. The HP C7438A DAT 72 mechanism is founded on a technology that has always offered optimum performance and cost of ownership and is expected to continue to do so for several generations to come. The ‘Gen 5’ DDS drive provides the ability
to match today’s capacity and performance requirements at the same time as both protecting yesterday’s investment and maintaining a link with future generations of the world’s most successful backup technology. Simultaneously this latest development of the core format technology
continues the fundamental promise of open standards, low costs and high reliability.
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HP - DAT - cleaning cartridge


Hewlett Packard
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