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Intel RAID Smart Battery Memory backup battery 1 x Nickel Metal Hydride for Carrier Grade Server TIGH2U, Server Board S5000, Server System SR1550

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Intel AXXRSBBU3 Intel RAID Smart Battery (AXXRSBBU3)

Intel RAID Smart Battery (AXXRSBBU3)

Intel® RAID Controllers and Intel® Integrated Server RAID Modules provide reliability, high performance, and fault-tolerant disk subsystem management. A complete fault-tolerant strategy requires protection for all data, including the unwritten cached data in the RAM cache. If power is lost, the data in RAM is lost. To avoid this data loss, a battery can be added to supply power to the RAID RAM during an AC power outage or if the AC power cord is removed.

The Intel® RAID Smart Battery RSB is a small battery pack accessory to the Intel® Integrated Server RAID and the SCSI RAID on Motherboard ROMB solutions used on particular Intel® Server Platforms. The Smart Battery preserves the contents of the RAID DIMM in the event of a power failure. Once power is restored, all of the preserved data in the RAID Cache DIMM is flushed to the RAID drives. The Smart Battery Circuit ensures that the backup battery is maintained at a full charge for optimal performance when it is activated. When activated, it provides backup power to the RAID DIMM for up to 64 hours.

Feature list

Battery technology: Nickel–Metal Hydride NiMH
Purpose: RAID controller
Compatible products: Intel SRCSAS144E, SRCSASJV, SRCSASPH16I, AXXROMBSASMR, S5500WB, S5500WB12V, SR1690WBR
Colour of product: Black, White

Intel RAID Smart Battery (AXXRSBBU3)


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