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Kingston Flash memory card, 32GB Class10 SDHC, (SD10V/32GB)

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Kingston Technology SD10V/32GB Kingston Flash memory card, 32GB Class10 SDHC, (SD10V/32GB)

Kingston Flash memory card, 32GB Class10 SDHC, (SD10V/32GB)

Kingston’s Class 10 Secure Digital High Capacity cards are designed to meet the storage demands of high-quality digital still and video cameras and other personal electronic devices. Kingston’s SDHC Class 10 cards deliver a 10MB/s minimum data transfer rate for optimum performance with SDHC/SDXC host devices; they’re ideal for HD video recording and fast transfers.

For added reliability and durability, our solid state SDHC memory cards are built of non-volatile memory components and have no moving parts that could wear out or break. All cards are 100-percent tested and are backed by a lifetime warranty and 24/7 live technical support.

Feature list

Internal memory: 32768 MB
Flash card type: Secure Digital High-Capacity SDHC
Flash memory class: 10
Write protection switch: Y
Internal memory type: Flash
Registered: N
Lead plating: Gold
Memory voltage: 3.3 V
Memory layout: 1 x 32768 MB
Module configuration: N/A N/A
Rack mounting: 9-pin SecureDigital SD
Width: 24 mm
Depth: 32 mm
Height: 3.1 mm
Quantity per pack: 1
Warranty: Lifetime

Kingston Flash memory card, 32GB Class10 SDHC, (SD10V/32GB)

  • Class10


Kingston Technology
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