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Kingston Technology 2GB Module (KTD-WS670/2G)

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Kingston Technology, 0740617080940
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Kingston Technology KTD-WS670/2G Kingston Technology 2GB Module (KTD-WS670/2G)

Kingston Technology 2GB Module (KTD-WS670/2G)

Kingston Technology is the world’s independent memory leader and is well-known for providing high quality memory products at an attractive price. System Specific memory modules are designed and tested in the relevant systems prior to release; and they are guaranteed to be 100% compatible with your system. All Kingston System Specific memory come with a lifetime warranty.

Feature list

Internal memory: 2 GB
Internal memory type: DDR2
Memory clock speed: 400 MHz
Memory form factor: 240-pin DIMM
Memory layout modules x size: 1 x 2 GB
CAS latency: 3
Memory voltage: 1.8 V V
Registered: Y
Memory bus: 72 bit
Module configuration: 256M X 72
Memory type: DDR2
Compatibility: A0453787 DELL; A0455461 DELL; A0455465 DELL; A0455466 DELL; A0455467 DELL; A0455469 DELL; A0455473 DELL; A0466924 DELL; A0466925 DELL; A1546850 DELL
Form factor: 240-pin DIMM
Bus clock rate: 400 MHz
Error indication: ECC
Rack mounting: 240-pin DIMM
Memory layout: 1 x 2048 MB
Internal memory: 2048 MB
Warranty: Lifetime

Kingston Technology 2GB Module (KTD-WS670/2G)

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  • 2GB


Kingston Technology
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