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Lancom Systems LANCOM WARRANTY ADV.OPTION - S (10715)

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Lancom Systems 10715 Lancom Systems LANCOM WARRANTY ADV.OPTION - S (10715)

The LANCOM Warranty Advanced Option extends the manufacturer warranty from three to five years and includes advanced replacement to the next working day. This way, LANCOM devices are safeguarded for a longer period of time.

- Shorter downtimes
With the advanced replacement to the next working day you prevent longer network downtimes and can continue providing all network services as soon as possible.
- More warranty
With the LANCOM Warranty Advanced Option you benefit for two additional years of advantages such as the free-of-charge repair processing and the LANCOM service.

- Maximum planning security
Plan ahead with the LANCOM Warranty Advanced Option, as your devices are optimally safeguarded.

The LANCOM Warranty Advanced Option can be procured via the distribution and our resellers.
The option can be easily registered online.

- Registration of the option within the first three months after purchase of the LANCOM device
- The option is bound to a specific device serial number and is not transferable

Feature list

Number of years: 2 years
Compatibility: All devices with CPE casing and all managed switches with up to 26 ports


Lancom Systems
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