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micros EURO GELDKASSETTE (16101.150-0120)

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micros 16101.150-0120 micros EURO GELDKASSETTE (16101.150-0120)

micros EURO GELDKASSETTE (16101.150-0120)

More space for notes and receipts

The Euro Cash Cassette is compatible with all common POS systems.
The coin and note compartments can be arranged flexibly. The cassette is equipped with eight coin compartments and six note compartments. There is an additional compartment for receipts, which can be accessed from the outside using the drop-in slit. This configuration can accommodate any currency.

- Electronically opened by the POS system
- The lock is shipped with up to 50 different lock combinations
- Safety lock available as an optional expansion
- The base contains an electronic release unit
- Easy removal by pressing the release button
- 8 coin and 6 note compartments
- Receipt compartment accessible from the outside for easy insertion of receipts

Feature list

Colour of product: Anthracite
Weight: 1900 g
Width: 482 mm
Depth: 175 mm
Height: 100 mm

micros EURO GELDKASSETTE (16101.150-0120)


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