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micros GELDKASSETTEN BASIS TC 4616 (16500.001-0000)

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micros 16500.001-0000 micros GELDKASSETTEN BASIS TC 4616 (16500.001-0000)

micros GELDKASSETTEN BASIS TC 4616 (16500.001-0000)

Retail Cash Cassette TC 4616 and Base Flexible, secure and ready for the international market

The TC 4616 offers a robust ABS casing coupled with an adjustable insert. Movable side panels allow the retailers or hospitality providers to create a variety of coin compartment sizes, making the TC 4616 suitable for any currency. Standard note compartments may be placed on either the left or right side to accommodate the ‘check-out’ policy, while large denomination notes, receipts or coupons can be stored in a separate space below the coin compartments for additional security.

- Electronically opened by the POS system
- The lock is shipped with up to 50 different lock combinations
- Safety lock available as an optional expansion
- The base contains an electronic release unit
- Easy removal by pressing the release button
- Secure storage below the coin insert
- Maximum lid opening close to 90°, opening speed remains constant
- Flexible arrangement of the coin and note compartments
- Ideal for use with different European currencies
- Robust, environmentally friendly and durable plastic
- The Cash Cassette TC 4616 fits to all base options of the Standard Cash Cassette

Feature list

Compatible products: POS
Weight: 1400 g
Width: 460 mm
Depth: 160 mm
Height: 100 mm

micros GELDKASSETTEN BASIS TC 4616 (16500.001-0000)


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