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Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller, black, Game pad (S9F-00002)

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Microsoft S9F-00002 Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller, black, Game pad (S9F-00002)

Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller, black, Game pad (S9F-00002)

For PC and Xbox 360
- Works across Microsoft's gaming platforms. Xbox 360 Controller for Windows works with most Windows XP-based PCs and Xbox 360, delivering a consistent and universal gaming experience.

Vibration Feedback
- Get a better feel for the game. Vibration feedback ensures riveting game play every time

- Play in total comfort. Award winning compact ergonomics provide a more comfortable gaming experience.

Flexible Cord
- The thin, flexible cord was designed to provide the sensation of wireless with all the performance of a wire.

Game Precision Series
- Elevate your skills. Part of the new Game Precision Series, the Xbox 360 Controller offers precision, comfort and control that will set the standard for next-generation game controllers.

Enhanced PC Gaming
- Precise thumb sticks, two pressure-point triggers, and 8-way directional pad for enhanced PC gaming.

Xbox Live® Play
- Integrated headset jack for PC headsets and Xbox Live® play

Feature list

Device type: Joystick
Gaming platforms supported: -
Buttons quantity: 7
Connectivity technology: Wired
Number of batteries supported: 1

Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller, black, Game pad (S9F-00002)


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