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Microsoft XBOX 360 HEADSET (P5F-00002)

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Microsoft P5F-00002 Microsoft XBOX 360 HEADSET (P5F-00002)

Microsoft XBOX 360 HEADSET (P5F-00002)

The Xbox 360 Headset heightens the experience of the Xbox LIVE® online gaming community, allowing you to strategize with teammates, trash-talk opponents, or just chat with friends while playing your favorite games.
- Boom microphone can be adjusted for optimal sound quality
- In-line volume control and mute switch
- Noise-canceling microphone improves game response to voice commands, and provides crisp and clear voice communication
- Adjustable headset fits comfortably on either ear.
- The headset plugs directly into either the Xbox 360 Controller or Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for ease of use

Feature list

Colour of product: Black
Device connectivity: Wired
Ear coupling: circumaural

Microsoft XBOX 360 HEADSET (P5F-00002)


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