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Motorola ARM SLEEVE USE WT4090 W.MOUNT (SG-WT4027050-01R)

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Motorola, 4054842369104
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2 χρόνια
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Motorola SG-WT4027050-01R Motorola ARM SLEEVE USE WT4090 W.MOUNT (SG-WT4027050-01R)

Motorola ARM SLEEVE USE WT4090 W.MOUNT (SG-WT4027050-01R)

Package of 5 arm sleeves to wear under the WT4090 or WT41N0 wrist mount if extra layer is preferred. One size fits all, breathable, wicking, and non-snagging.

Feature list

Basic device type: Handheld computer
Case type: Sleeve
Colour of product: Black
Brand compatibility: Motorola
Compatibility: WT4000, WT41N0, WT41N0
Desktop stand: N
Batteries included: N
Quantity: 5
Keyboard compartment: N
Built-in speakers: N
Keyboard: N
Built-in battery: N
Bluetooth: N
Battery charger included: N
Screen protector: N
Cleaning cloth: N
Stylus included: N

Motorola ARM SLEEVE USE WT4090 W.MOUNT (SG-WT4027050-01R)


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