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MX200 Headset 37700-01

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Plantronics, 5033588021216
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Plantronics 37700-01 MX200 Headset 37700-01

MX200 Headset 37700-01

The MX200 mobile headset combines Flex GripTM comfort and stability with a discreet and stylish design, and incorporates patented WindSmart? technology to deliver excellent sound quality. With an integral call answer / end button and compatible with most popular makes of mobile phone, the MX200 makes communicating clearly whilst on the move as easy as speaking.

-Flex Grip?, Stability, Comfort for longer and more frequent use, Easy on/off placement to answer/begin calls faster
-Omni-directional Microphone with WindSmart? , Enhances call clarity in windy environments i.e. car with window/roof open, air conditioning on; outside with breeze
-Improved Receive Performance , Better performance in noisy environments.
-Call answer/end functionality , Makes call management easier

MX200 Headset 37700-01


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