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Netgear 10GB SR SFP+ GBIC AXM761 (AXM761P10-10000S)

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NetGear AXM761P10-10000S Netgear 10GB SR SFP+ GBIC AXM761 (AXM761P10-10000S)

Netgear 10GB SR SFP+ GBIC AXM761 (AXM761P10-10000S)

- Adds 10Gigabit Ethernet "short-reach" LC fiber connectivity to the standard SFP interfaces
- Fits into the two built-in 10GE SFP interfaces of GSM72xxPS / GSM73xxS
- Fits into the 10GE SFP interface of the SFP Adapter module AX743
- Fits into standard 10Gigabit SFP interfaces
- LC connector
- Drives 10Gigabit Ethernet up to 300m distances with 50/125µm laser-optimized OM3 multimode fiber cables
- Drives 10Gigabit Ethernet up to 33m distances with 62.5/125µm OM1 multimode fiber cables
- Provides hot-swappable installation or removal
- 10GBaseSR fiber technology is the same for XFP and SFP : one Switch equipped with XFP 10GBase-SR LC connectivity can uplink to another Switch equipped with SFP 10GBase-SR LC connectivity using the same fiber

Feature list

Interface type: SFP
Data transfer rate max: 10000 Mbit/s
Fiber optic connector: LC
SFP transceiver type: SR
Maximum transfer distance: 300 m

Netgear 10GB SR SFP+ GBIC AXM761 (AXM761P10-10000S)


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