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OtterBox Clearly Protected Privacy (77-28360_A)

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OtterBox 77-28360_A OtterBox Clearly Protected Privacy (77-28360_A)

OtterBox Clearly Protected Privacy (77-28360_A)

The Galaxy S4 is an always-on smartphone that is used for entertainment and work alike. Ensure yours is protected not only from life’s mishaps, but also from wandering eyes when your data needs to stay private. The Clearly Protected Galaxy S4 Privacy screen protector prevents scratches while also protecting your text and data from unwanted viewing. Use your iPhone in any public setting whether keeping your high score to yourself or your top-secret work email confidential this Galaxy S4 Privacy screen protector conceals text and images from all four sides. When you pair the Privacy screen protector for the Galaxy S4 with an OtterBox case you’ll enjoy ultimate protection for your device and your data.

Feature list

Device type: Mobile phone
Brand compatibility: Samsung
Material: Plastic
Colour of product: Black
Compatibility: Galaxy S 4
Display diagonal: 4.99 "
Cleaning cloth: Y
Smoothing card: Y

OtterBox Clearly Protected Privacy (77-28360_A)


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