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PG12-10P55 Power Supply 90ACC1883

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Datalogic Scanning, 5052178405687
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2 χρόνια
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Datalogic Scanning 90ACC1883 PG12-10P55 Power Supply 90ACC1883

PG12-10P55 Power Supply 90ACC1883

The Lynx BT reader completes Datalogic Scanning’s industrial product portfolio by offering a cordless solution for 2D applications. Featuring Bluetooth® wireless communications the reader can transmit data to the host through its base/charger OM-1000 as well as any commercial or embedded Bluetooth® v1.2 compliant device.

Lynx™ BT Accessories - PG12-10P55 AC/DC Power Supply w/o Cord

Feature list

Compatibility: Lynx BTSTAR-ModemSTAR-GateGryphonGryphon BluetoothPowerScan PD8300PowerScan PD8500PowerScan PM8300PowerScan 8300
Colour of product: Black

PG12-10P55 Power Supply 90ACC1883


Datalogic Scanning
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