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Philips 22AV1105/10 GUEST REM. CONTRO (22AV1105/10)

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Philips, 8712581458973
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Philips 22AV1105/10 Philips 22AV1105/10 GUEST REM. CONTRO (22AV1105/10)

Philips 22AV1105/10 GUEST REM. CONTRO (22AV1105/10)

Special Hospitality Remote Control
With dedicated hospitality features

Our System Remote Control is fully in line with the 08-09 Hospitality TV design. With a
stylish design, low battery detection and anti-theft lock provision, this Remote Control
supports your hotel staff for efficient operation.

Designed for hotel use
- Easy to clean

Advanced hotel features and future proof
- Digital functionality

Differentiating guest experience
- Powerful sound from unique invisible speakers
- Easy-to-use Hospitality Remote Control
- Modern design

Best total cost of ownership
- Low battery detection
- Anti-theft lock provision for batteries

Feature list

Colour of product: Black
Width: 185 mm
Depth: 48 mm
Height: 26 mm

Philips 22AV1105/10 GUEST REM. CONTRO (22AV1105/10)


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