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RIBBON 2300 WAX 60MM - 02300BK06045

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Zebra, 3700556027922
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Zebra 02300BK06045 RIBBON 2300 WAX 60MM - 02300BK06045

RIBBON 2300 WAX 60MM - 02300BK06045

A performance wax ribbon that offers excellent print quality on both coated and uncoated papers. This versatile ribbon is available at a competitive price, with all the benefits and exceptional quality you expect from Zebra.

Feature list

Ribbon size: 60mm
Compatible products: 105S, 105Se, 105SL, 110PAX3, 110PAX4, 110XiIIIPlus, 140Xi, 140XiII, 140XiIII, 140XiIIIPlus, 90XiII, 90XiIII, 90XiIIIPlus, 96XiIII, 96XiIIIPlus, S300, S400, S500, S600, Z4000, Z4M, Z4Mplus
Type: roll
Ribbon length: 450 m
Colour of product: Black
Minimum order quantity: 1
Quantity per pallet: 12 pcs

RIBBON 2300 WAX 60MM - 02300BK06045


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