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Schnepel CAR PACK RING O TMS 302 (73201780)

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Schnepel 73201780 Schnepel CAR PACK RING O TMS 302 (73201780)

Schnepel CAR PACK RING O TMS 302 (73201780)

The Car Pack for iPad contains the Holder and the Car Mount. The holder is especially designed with the new iPad in mind. It fits the iPad perfectly and is even 15% thinner than the original holder for iPad. The iPad with Holder is just 0,2 inch thicker than the first iPad alone.
The smart design of the Holder brings out all the new iPad functions, so you can use the HD-camera, connect the usb-connector or iPad Camera Connection Kit and you can easily attach Apple's beautifully designed magnetic Smart Cover. For those on the move, look no further than the Car Mount. Adapted from Vogel’s successful DVDock, the Car Mount is the safest and most secure way to let your passengers use their tablet. No tools are needed to install a Car Mount, which is securely fixed to the front seat headrest suitable for headrests from 10-20 cm. The tablet with Holder is then simply clicked into place for each journey. Now back seat travellers can enjoy all their content on the iPad or Galaxy Tab whilst on the move. The Car Mount is installed simply and securely onto the front seat headrest – no tools needed. Click the iPad with Holder in place for each journey, and enjoy the show.

Feature list

Mobile device type: tablet/UMPC
Type: Passive
Colour of product: Black
Material: ABS synthetics, Aluminium
Compatibility: iPad 2iPad 3
Tilt angle: 0 - 15 °
Rotation: 360 °
Remote controlled: N

Schnepel CAR PACK RING O TMS 302 (73201780)


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