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Sony DMR30A - 5 x DVD-R (8cm) - 1.4 GB

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Sony, 4901780970193
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Sony 5DMR30A-BT Sony DMR30A - 5 x DVD-R (8cm) - 1.4 GB

Sony DMR30A - 5 x DVD-R (8cm) - 1.4 GB

-Sony 8cm DVD has 4 considerable advantages that ensure that it is very reliable both for recording, playing back and archival: Scratch Guard, archival reliability, stain resistant and anti static.
-Compatible for playback with most existing DVD Video players.
-Capacity up to 1.4 GB.
-60 minutes recording in Long Play mode / 30 minutes recording in Standard mode / 20 minutes recording in High-quality mode.
-Compact and easy to carry… for sharing with friends, family and colleagues.
-Scratch Guard protects your films and photos by reducing the risk of the picture deteriorating.

Feature list

Native capacity: 1.4 GB
Recording time: 30 min
Optical disk diameter: 80 mm
Disk thickness: 1.2 mm
Track pitch: 0.74 µm
Wobble frequency: 186
Larger master carton quantity: 5
Case or master carton quantity: 1 pcs

Sony DMR30A - 5 x DVD-R (8cm) - 1.4 GB


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