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Sony EDM 5200B, M.O. disk 5.2GB

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Sony, 0027242532939
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Sony EDM5200N Sony EDM 5200B, M.O. disk 5.2GB

Sony EDM 5200B, M.O. disk 5.2GB

- Outstanding storage solution for sophisticated multimedia and network applications such as desktop publishing, medical diagnostics and financial records.
-High-speed random access : suitable for large-scale libraries and jukeboxes.
- Easy to handle and removable.
- Ultra reliability and durability : over 100,000 load/unload cycles per side without quality loss and 50-year archival life. Resistance to dust and scratches thanks to hard-coating and anti-static disc surface and strong shelter.
- Fully backward compatible.

Feature list

Formatted recording capacity: N MB
Unformatted recording capacity: 5233 MB
Bytes per sector: 2048
Size: 5.25 "

Sony EDM 5200B, M.O. disk 5.2GB


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