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Sony NH AA-B4K Battery 4 x AA NiMH

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Sony, 4901660128782
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Sony NHAAB4K Sony NH AA-B4K Battery 4 x AA NiMH

Sony Rechargeable NiMH Batteries Cycle Energy Blue technology - size AAA - blister of 4: always ready to use, recharge up to 1000 times!

-Always ready to use, immediately after purchase like an alkaline battery.
-Keeps it's charge, even after 1 year.
-Using 1 Cycle Energy Blue Battery is the equivalent of using 1000 disposable batteries.
-Performs in all compatible appliances. Suitable for remote controls to power hungry digital cameras. Taking the rechargeable battery into the home.
-Sony Cycle Energy Blue batteries can be charged in any Sony charger.

Feature list

Battery capacity: 800 mAh
Battery technology: Nickel–Metal Hydride NiMH
Battery voltage: 1.2 V
Number of battery cells: 4
Battery type: AAA
Case or master carton quantity: 60 pcs


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