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Estimated delivery time 2-6 days 1,8M 4-in-1 USB DVI KVM Cable with Audio and Microphone

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Στα αγαπημένα USBDVI4N1A6 1,8M 4-IN-1USB DVI KVM (USBDVI4N1A6) 1,8M 4-IN-1USB DVI KVM (USBDVI4N1A6)

This cable provides KVM connections to DVI and USB KVM switches in a single, compact cable. Connections provided are DVI video, USB mouse and keyboard, 3.5mm audio, and 3.5mm microphone connections. Like all cables, this cable features high-quality construction backed by a lifetime warranty.

Feature list

Cable colour: Black
Cable length: 1.83 m
Connectors: 2 x DVI-I M, 2 x Phono 3.5 mm M, 1 x USB A F, 1 x USB B F
Packaging height: 370.00 mm
Packaging length: 138.00 mm
Packaging width: 35.00 mm 1,8M 4-IN-1USB DVI KVM (USBDVI4N1A6)


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