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Estimated delivery time 2-6 days 1m Thunderbolt Cable - M/M (TBOLTMM1M)

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Στα αγαπημένα TBOLTMM1M 1m Thunderbolt Cable - M/M (TBOLTMM1M) 1m Thunderbolt Cable - M/M (TBOLTMM1M)

The TBOLTMM50CM Thunderbolt™ cable 0.5m combines high-speed data transfers with high-definition video and audio connections between your Thunderbolt-equipped devices, enabling you to take advantage of ultrafast up to 10 Gbps bi-directional data transfers, while delivering high resolution video through a single cable solution. Thunderbolt cables take full advantage of Intel® Thunderbolt technology codename “Light Peak”, and allow data to be transferred simultaneously to and from Thunderbolt-equipped devices, with far fewer bottlenecks than with I/O interfaces which utilize only a single stream of data.

The Advantage
- All-in-one cable solution combines data with high-definition video, requiring only a single cable for both.
- Ultrafast, multi-channel I/O data transfers of up to 10 Gb of data per second simultaneously to each Thunderbolt port, saving time during large file transfers.
- Short cable length provides maximum portability, making this an easy solution to store in a laptop bag or carrying case.

Feature list

Connector 1: DisplayPort
Connector 2: DisplayPort
Connector contacts plating: Nickel
Cable length: 1 m
Gender type: male/male
Colour of product: Black
Material: PVC 1m Thunderbolt Cable - M/M (TBOLTMM1M)


Product Code:
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