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Estimated delivery time 2-6 days 20m USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable - M/F (USB2AAEXT20M)

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Στα αγαπημένα USB2AAEXT20M 20m USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable - M/F (USB2AAEXT20M) 20m USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable - M/F (USB2AAEXT20M)

The USB2AAEXT20M 20-meter Active USB 2.0 Extension Cable, offers one USB type-A male connector and one USB type-A female connector, and provides an active extension of USB 2.0 devices of up to 20-meters 66-feet.

An all-in-one cable for overcoming distance restrictions as well as power source limitations, the active USB 2.0 extension cable incorporates bus-powered active circuitry to ensure performance beyond the length limits of standard USB cables. Up to 2 of these cables can be daisy-chained together, allowing the connection to be extended a total of 40-meters. If necessary, the USB device can be powered from a wall outlet using the Universal AC power adapter provided with the cable.

The USB2AAEXT20M extension cable USB Extender supports transfer rates of up to 480 Mbps, and is backed by's 2-year Warranty.

Feature list

USB version: 2.0
Connector 1: micro USB A
Connector 2: micro USB B
Gender type: male/female
Connector contacts plating: Nickel
Cable length: 20 m
Colour of product: Black
Packaging width: 143.00 mm
Packaging height: 120.00 mm
Packaging length: 166.00 mm 20m USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable - M/F (USB2AAEXT20M)


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