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Estimated delivery time 2-6 days 25 FT 3-in-1 PS/2 KVM Extension Cable

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Στα αγαπημένα 3N1PS2EXT25 25 FT 3-in-1 PS/2 KVM Extension Cable

Extend the distance between your PS/2 keyboard and mouse as well as your VGA monitor with this 3-in-1 extension cable''s 25ft PC99 3-in-1 KVM Extension cable allow you to extend the reach of your existing PS/2 keyboard and mouse, and VGA monitor cables, without the mess and tangle of having to use three separate extension cables.
The 3-in-1 Extension cable features high quality keyboard and mouse connectors, color-coded to PC99 specifications for easier peripheral connections.
The video component of the cable features double-shielding and a ferrite core to eliminate EMI signal interference, and is constructed using high quality mini-coaxial wire for crystal clear video quality at any resolution.
Designed to provide a durable peripheral connection, this high quality 3-in-1 Keyboard/Mouse/Monitor cable is backed by''s Lifetime Warranty.
The Advantage
- Eliminates tangled keyboard, monitor, and mouse cables
- lifetime warranty

Feature list

Cable length: 7.62 m
Colour of product: Grey
Package height: 468 mm
Package width: 29.50 mm
Connectors: A: High Density 15 pin Male, 6 DIN Male; B: High Density 15 pin Female - 6 DIN Female; End 1:HDDB15 Male, 2x 6 MiniDIN Male, End 2: HDDB15 Female, 2x 6 MiniDIN Female
Package depth: 352 mm


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