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Estimated delivery time 2-6 days 30CM 12in Latching Round SATA Cable

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Στα αγαπημένα LSATARND12 30CM 12in Latching Round SATA Cable 30CM 12in Latching Round SATA Cable

The LSATARND12 1-foot/12-inch latching round SATA cable is a high quality SATA 6Gbps cable that features a rounded design to help improve airflow inside a computer or server case by providing less resistance as air passes around the cable, in turn helping to ensure optimal cooling for optimized system performance.

This durable cable also features latching connectors, which lock when connected to a supporting latchable SATA port to, ensuring a snug, secured data connection every time to prevent accidental disconnects.

The Advantage

- Rounded cable design provides less airflow resistance than standard designs, which helps improve air flow within a computer/server case for optimum system performance
- Latching connectors secure the cable against accidental disconnection

Feature list

Cable type: SATA
Gender type: female/female
Cable length: 0.3048 m
Connector 1: SATA
Connector 1 form factor: straight
Connector 2: SATA
Connector 2 form factor: straight
Cable colour: Black
Weight: 7.2 g
Packaging width: 130.00 mm
Packaging height: 10.00 mm
Packaging length: 230.00 mm 30CM 12in Latching Round SATA Cable


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